From circular saws, jigsaws, table saws, mitre saws and more specialist machine tools such as reciprocating saws and scroll saws. All are used to cut wood and metal in an efficient manner, but tool choice is important, so read our guides to help you understand what each should be used for.

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Best Saw For Cutting Sleepers
Buyer's GuidesCircular Saws

Best Saw For Cutting Sleepers

Sleepers were traditionally used for laying railways but now, these long, thick pieces of timber are often used for landscaping and DIY purposes. The problem …

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what scroll saw to buy - buyers guide
Buyer's GuidesScroll Saws

What Scroll Saw Should I Buy? – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve recently discovered just how many amazing projects you can make using a scroll saw, then you’re probably very excited to hit the sales …

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Things to make and do with a scroll saw
Best Workshop Beginner's GuidesScroll Saws

Things To Make And Do With A Scroll Saw

A scroll saw provides DIY enthusiasts and hobby woodworkers with a way to conveniently and easily create intricate patterns and designs in wood that would …

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Introduction To The Scroll Saw - Beginners Guide
Best Workshop Beginner's GuidesScroll Saws

Introduction To The Scroll Saw – Beginner’s Guide

There are some pretty hefty saws out there that will make light work of cutting through large pieces of lumber. But when you want to …

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How To Use A Circular Saw - Beginners Guide
Best Workshop Beginner's GuidesCircular Saws

How To Use A Circular Saw – Beginners Guide

As its name may suggest, a circular saw is a round blade used for cutting a variety of materials. These are extremely diverse and high-powered …

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How to use a mitre saw
Best Workshop Beginner's GuidesMitre Saws

How To Use A Mitre Saw

You’ve got your new mitre saw. You’ve got a project in mind. But, there’s one problem. You don’t know where to start. If you’re unsure …

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Used Table Saw Buying Guide
Buyer's GuidesTable Saws

Used Table Saw Buying Guide – updated for 2022

You can pick a table saw up for a very reasonable price but then there are models that are much more expensive. This is a …

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Mitre Saw Buyers Guide
Buyer's GuidesMitre Saws

Mitre Saw 2022 Buyers Guide UK

A mitre saw is one of the most favoured woodworking tools in the world and no workshop would be complete without one. They are powerful, …

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Introduction to the table saw - beginners guide
Best Workshop Beginner's GuidesTable Saws

Introduction To The Table Saw – Beginners Guide

Using a table saw for the first time can feel a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. While the table saw can be …

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What is the best table saw to buy
Buyer's GuidesTable Saws

What Is The Best Table Saw To Buy in 2022?

A table saw is widely accepted to be the most useful piece of cutting equipment that any workshop can have. These are diverse and effective …

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